Lionel Fogarty: Selected Poems 1980-2017

Lionel Fogarty

edited by Philip Morrissey and Tyne Daile Sumner

This edition of Fogarty’s Selected Poems presents his work across nearly forty years and includes previously unpublished poems as well as a selection of poems written between 1980 and 2017. It is the only collection of his Selected Works in print. The senior editor, Philip Morrissey, is a Kalkadoon descendant and shares the same colonial history as Lionel Fogarty. Morrissey’s Introduction re-frames Fogarty as a poet of international standing and provides critical theory, history and close readings of some of the poems in the collection. The poet has been involved at each stage of the book’s preparation and production. Copyright clearance for each poem was secured from publishers: this is of specific scholarly and ethical importance in that the full contribution of Aboriginal publisher Cheryl Buchanan to Fogarty’s development and publication as a poet has been omitted from previous selected editions and her copyright ignored. Standard scholarly editing practices have been used in establishing the text, to insure as little interference as possible in Fogarty’s non-standard syntax and spelling. A glossary and notes to poems, based on detailed conversations with the poet, have been included. Additional information has been established by standard research including archival fact checking (for instance, Fogarty’s date of birth and details of his membership of the ‘Brisbane Three’). This edition is essential for scholars and students and ideal for a general readership. Lionel Fogarty’s Selected Poems 1980-2017 was nominated by Bronwyn Lea and John Hawke among the Australian Book Review 2017 Books of the Year.

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