Writing in the Still


Andrew Benjamin

Writing in the Still is the first book of poetry from renowned philosopher Andrew Benjamin. Condensing and intensifying a lifetime’s work on the imbrication of thinking and writing, poetry and philosophy, art and culture, Benjamin draws on an extraordinary range of images, tones and languages in poems that both sustain and call on thought. Within them angels flee and yet still return, figures form in the opening of light’s shadow, and sounds register in a beginning before beginnings. Language opens and continues; holding back while holding forth. Writing that is at once lyrical and passionate, calm and profound, arises from the still of poetry. This is a unique collection from a writer-thinker at the height of his powers.  


Andrew Benjamin has taught philosophy in universities in Australia and the United Kingdom. He has published widely in philosophy, philosophy and art and the history of philosophy. He is a Fellow of the The Australian Academy of the Humanities.

John W P Phillips teaches at The National University of Singapore. He is chair of the Association for Philosophy and Literature. He writes on deconstruction, literature, media, philosophy, psychoanalysis, science and technology. He is currently completing a manuscript, Eos: Philosophy and the Poetics of Daybreak, on the significance of dawn for the future of philosophy.

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