Authors welcomes expressions of interest from philosophers working in the areas of political philosophy, ontology, philosophy of science, ethics, aesthetics and psychoanalysis. commissions new work, republishes works that have fallen out of print, and accepts unsolicited manuscripts from authors working in these fields. Interested authors should email the following information to:

  • A précis of the book, including a short summary of the major arguments, and a chapter-by-chapter breakdown
  • One short statement that positions the book in its philosophical context, and outlines the contribution the book makes to the field
  • One full chapter from the book (not more than 6000 words)
  • One author’s CV, including contact details
  • Given’s commitment to open-access publishing, prospective authors should also clearly state if they would be willing for their book to be published as an open-access text aims to respond as quickly as possible to all enquiries.

Peer Review Process utilizes a two stage review process:

1) The in-house editors will make an initial judgement on the acceptability of submissions
2) If the submission passes stage 1 it will move into a double-blind peer review process

Submissions should be submitted in a format that complies with the blind review process. A covering letter should include the title of the manuscript, abstract and all useful contact information—address, phone numbers, email address, etc. Any identifying references to the author(s) should have been removed prior to submission.