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“Fifty Poems of Attar” hits Australian bookstores
TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA) — An English translation of a collection of poems by the 13th century Sufi poet Farid ad-Din Attar entitled “Fifty Poems of Attar” by Kenneth Avery and Ali Alizadeh has been published in August by publications in Australia.

Melbourne-based Iranian poet, Ali Alizadeh, and Persian language expert, Kenneth Avery, have collaborated on this project.

The work comprises an informative introduction which sets the poetry in the context of the life and times of Attar and the English translation is accompanied by the Persian text.

The publisher claims that the versions of Attar’s lyrical poetry in this book form the most substantial collection yet presented in the English language. The book also contains chapters on Attar’s style and themes, the legacy of Attar’s poetry and notes on the translation.

Dealing with the themes of love, passion and mysticism, the great 13th century Sufi poet Farid ad-Din Attar is renowned as an author of superb short lyrics written in the Persian language. His ideas range over the whole spectrum of Persian mysticism and religious philosophy. Allegedly, he was killed by the Mongol invaders.

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